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3rd September 2013

Photoset with 26 notes

This is Zelda, a beautiful, loving, grey-tipped tabby.  

I adopted her when she was two-years old.  She was a rescue from an abusive household.  When I adopted her I was told that her previous family had done things like kick her and lock her in the closet for long periods of time.  Her tail, about an inch from the tip, had been broken sometime previous and is now permanently crooked because it was never treated properly.

When I first brought her home she would hide often and was very shy and quiet.  She also didn’t like being around males. But after eight years she is now quite social and will lay out in the open, even coming out to see visitors.  

She still doesn’t like loud noises, and she is picky about what males she will be around, but she seems very happy and likes to talk which—actually extends to her ‘yelling’ at me once when I was out of town for two weeks.

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